Friday, 1 May 2015


My thoughts are wilder than my dreams and the name 'my wild thoughts' would have been better but I guess we use the two words 'come true' with 'dreams' and not with 'thoughts'. So this is better isn't it?

Plus, getting lost in the wild has its own benefits. The best thing  it does is very precious.
It gives you something you won't find or encounter or learn while sitting in your lounge watching television. What getting lost in the wild give you is, EXPERIENCE.
Which to me is something sacred, something pure, something that comes from within, something that books can't teach you. It something this other sacred thing called Life gives us as a gift, gradually.

This thing called experience is so friendly, so caring and selfless that it not only helps the one who has it but also the one who needs it, the one who wants it..

This extremely valuable possessions' benefits are innumerable, but for now this is enough as my wild dreams are loosing track once again.  

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