Friday, 1 May 2015


I have spent the past fifteen years of my life in an air conditioned car. A car which was in a slow steady motion. I looked outside from the window and upon scanning the surroundings, I could see 'silent smiles', 'tension free naps', 'beautiful fireworks', some 'helping hands' and indeed some more, equally, mesmerizing scenes. This peaceful journey was full of joy, cheerfulness, contentment, bliss and I sure did reach cloud nine after passing the seventh heaven. The crisp, cool environment inside, radiated a significant positiveness, optimism and a great sense of security. As I traveled ahead on the smooth, even, carpeted road I came across many new faces, many new voices, many new gestures, and I made each one fit in the car. As the car moved, the number grew. There was no single driver, every passenger turned the steering in the direction they themselves wanted to. No one cared what I wanted, no one bothered to find out where I wanted to take my car. I wanted to steer my car myself! I wanted to make it fly; up high. At that point in time, the fact that cars don't fly, completely slipped out of my mind. These futuristic thoughts and the entire state of play frustrated me to the point of utmost frustration.
 In my derailment, I did something I should have never done!
The air outside was in a state of battle readiness, it was torrid and very deadly indeed, slapping me right away. It slapped me so hard that the bitter reality of the journey dawned upon me.
I realized the fact that the 'silent smiles' were hopeless sighs,
The 'tension free naps' were lifeless bodies,
The 'beautiful fireworks' were deadly bombs,
and I realized the fact that the 'helping hands' were actually helping themselves!
It dawned upon me that all the mesmerizing views were false frameworks, bogus backdrops and deceptive demonstrations.

In My Wildest Dreams, I had never thought of this, something utterly absurd and eerie..
but this was something...
something called... REALITY!

Now if I choose to travel by air,
Oh no never will I, it scares me.
If I choose to travel by train,
Naah! Never have and never will.. Plus what if it looses track!
I have another choice, a ship, a cruise!
But no, Titanic sank, my God, I cried!
A bicycle?
No way! Urrgh! My legs! I can feel the pain already!
A Bus won't do, a Taxi is a public vehicle, no passenger owns it, in short a Taxi I'd never try.
I have other options, but no time to think.

I guess I'll start the car again, but this time I will drive it myself and I will drive safe.
I'll make myself learn to enjoy the air-conditioner's sooothing, cool air and the warmth outside.
Wish me a happy journey in this rocky road called life!

Urgh! My Wild Dreams are on the Loose!!!

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