Sunday, 13 September 2015


With every day passing, with every hour saying goodbye, with every minute moving on, with every second running, I'm getting to know life better and better. I've come closer to it. My understanding is growing and I'm grasping some bitter truths, one after the other.

This single truth pacing in my mind, running like a wild beast on the loose, it's disturbing me and haunting me like a troubling paradox. It is building up a tempest of fear and regret inside me. It is haunting me. It is taunting me. This truth is the worst one so far, one which I simply cannot swallow. One which is similar to the reek of rotting cabbage and the stench of death. This truth left me bewildered and made me enter an endless grotto of thoughts. It was dark inside, I had no source of light, I could see no single ray of light and I felt myself evaporating in to the darkness. There was no single way out, no end, no exit, no back door, no secret passage way. There was nobody to pinch me, to poke me in order to wake me up. All I could hear was this single truth. It was everywhere. The more I thought, the more my heart swore allegiance to this reality. Somehow I managed to escape, but as soon as I escaped, there was more to it. I could see walking and talking examples of this truth.

This particular truth has denied the wisdom of knowledge, it had given knowledge a position after hard work. It had simply disregarded knowledge. I do not know if I've succeeded in making my point clear, but to be on the safe side let me keep my words simple and my phrases understandable. In my wildest dreams I cannot fathom why is some cases hard work, determination, experience, better understanding of the world

to be continued....